A report on Pariksha Pe Charcha 2024:

Our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted today with the board exam students in the seventh edition of “Pariksha Pe Charcha” which was held today, 29th January’24 at the Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi. Over205 lakh students and over 14 lakh parents have registered for PPC 2024. Our School, B.B. Memorial Public School, had organized a live broadcast of the programme for our board exam students. All our students watched and gained many insights from it.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi was welcomed by our Education Minister, Dharmendera Pradhan. Modiji started interacting with the students and advised in the programme that parents should not pay much attention to the report cards and the students should compete with themselves and not with others. He told all students to be strong and to face challenges boldly. He advised to reduce using of mobile phones as it affects valuable time. He told the teachers and parents to ensure trust in the children and that they should be free-flowing in school and at home. It will boost their confidence. He assured the students that with confidence they will never fear and only through hard work they will meet success. He also told about maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise. Parents must ensure that students are having a nutritious diet. Modiji urged the parents to behave normally with their children during exam day. Students should also enter the exam hall cheerfully and have normal conversations with their peers as it will reduce their stress. He says that with willpower, they can achieve success. Lastly I would like to conclude with Modiji’s words, “Competition and challenges act as inspirations in life, but competition must be healthy….”.



A report on the Science Exhibition held at B.B. Memorial Public School

The recent science exhibition at our school was a resounding success showcasing the ingenuity and hard work of our students. The exhibits demonstrated not only the students’ grasp of scientific concepts but also their creativity skills. Some of the standout projects were based on earthquake alarm, volcanic eruption, a model of lungs showing inhalation and exhalation, pumping of blood in heart, water purification etc. Another highlight was a series of mathematical models displaying the types of angles, correspondence angles, square and cubic numbers and polynomials etc. Our young enthusiasts were mostly from classes 7,8,& 9. Overall the exhibition was an inspiring event for all our young learners. It was a testament to the importance of hands-on learning experiences in education and their power to ignite a lifelong passion for creativity and discovery of learning and understanding ability.

Annual Sports Event 2023 celebrated at B.B. Memorial Public School

Physical Education is a very essential and an integral part of the total education system. A student should not only study hard but also spend some quality time in playing games and sports for vigour and vitality.

The Annual Sports events started on 19th December’23 with an electrifying and enthralling atmosphere in the School campus. The whole campus was sizzling with colourful house flags of blue, green, red and yellow colours. The students of B.B. Memorial Public School and Babies Nursery Co-Ed High School thronged into the campus and everyone got ready for the inaugural ceremony. The parents of the students were invited and seated. The events started rolling after our Chief Guest, Founder and President of the School, Zarina Begum Madam, arrived. Our Principal, Dr. Carina Ahmed Madam was also present there as our programme began. The whole event was presided by the Vice Principal, Khusbu Agarwal Madam. After the introductory speech, a warm felicitation was given to our Chief guest, Zarina Madam and the Headmaster of Babies Nursery Co-Ed high school, Basudeb Saha Sir. After that Zarina Madam delivered a speech to our students. A joyous Bihu dance was performed by the students of Babies Nursery School which lifted the spirits of all. I was asked to give a speech and so I said a few words to boost up and encourage the students. Our Chief Guest, Zarina Begum Madam and the Headmaster of BNS, Basudeb Saha Sir hoisted the flag together. As the flag waved with pride, the March Past ceremonial act by the students began with pomp and gaiety which showcased unity and discipline. The lighting of the torch is a symbol of harmony, goodwill, unity and friendship, was cheered by the spectators as the torch was passed from one to another and finally the flame symbolized that the sports had begun. The oath-taking process was done by Basudeb Saha Sir and all the students took the oath religiously. With this, our games started.

The sports began and throughout the events, the students participated in a diverse range of competitions that included track and field events, team sports and individual games. Track events featured  100 meter sprints, exhilarating 400 meter relay races, that showcased our students’ exceptional speed and agility. Field events like cock-fights, long jump and shot-put left our spectators in awe. The team sports – Cricket, kabaddi and kho-kho witnessed intense matches with remarkable teamwork and sportsmanship. The indoor games like chess, carrom and table tennis were equally thrilling. The two Schools B.B. Memorial Public School and Babies Nursery Co-Ed High School coming together for sports added to the enthusiasm in the air.

The Annual Sports Event 2023 was a resounding success, filled with positive zest, sportsmanship and interesting competitions. Apart from positive physical fitness, these events played a pivotal role in displaying qualities like leadership, determination, confidence and good teamwork in our students. It is an integral part of both the schools’ commitment to provide a holistic education to our students. I would like to take the privilege to extend heartfelt gratitude to all the students, teachers, parents and all volunteers for making this year’s sports’ events a grand success.


Anjeeta Chaudhury

B.B. Memorial Public School


Our school strives to be a centre of excellence in education, so faculty training and pedagogy sessions are held for better teaching learning outcomes. A workshop on “LEARNING OUTCOME AND PEDAGOGY” was held on 9th September,2023   in our BB Memorial School campus. It was presided by Dr. Paul Pudussery CSC. A Director of the Department of Teacher Education, Holy Cross College and a A visiting faculty at Tripura University. Dr. Pudussery, is Post Doctorate Fellow of ICSSR and has completed the Post Doctorate in Pedagogy, Boston College, Boston. MA; Master of Arts & Human Service from St. Edward’s University, Austin, TX.